87 Months

87 was established to provide quality consumption essentials to our patrons while amplifying the voice of the women who served time in prison for cannabis. 87 represent the number of months our founder Evelyn LaChapelle was sentenced to Federal Prison.

87 is a story of defeat and victory.

Prison didn’t break us, it built us.

Meet Our Founder

Evelyn LaChapelle

Oakland, CA native Evelyn LaChapelle is an experienced events coordinator and community liaison, who is now utilizing her professional position within the legal cannabis industry to advocate for restorative justice. She is on the advisory board of the Last Prisoner Project, and on the Leadership team of Cannabis for Black Lives dedicated to redressing the past and continuing harms caused by the war on cannabis through clemency and reentry programs.

Evelyn found success in the legal cannabis industry through her work at cannabis and hemp infusion technology company Vertosa, where she managed all public and industry events. Evelyn also spearheaded Vertosa’s partnership with the Last Prisoner Project, among other non-profit organizations advocating for social justice and equity within the cannabis industry. In addition, she hosts the IGTV interview series with a mission to normalize cannabis, The Heart of Cannabis.


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