A man from Brooklyn who founded a social justice apparel startup as a way to express himself and make a difference is giving back based on his own experiences.

Video Transcript

 The next story is clothing with a message. That is a creation of a young man creating a collection of clothes that gives back and pushes for social justice reform. This story is part of our ABC 7 Unite campaign. Here’s Eye Witness News reporter Darla Miles.

EVELYN LACHAPELLE: What I hope out of all of the partnerships is amplification, I think, so easily that 40,000 people remain incarcerated.

DARLA MILES: 36-year-old Evelyn LaChapelle is devoted to her advocacy work with the Last Prisoner Project trying to vacate cannabis convictions, a fight for justice that got the attention of this Flatbush native and young entrepreneur.

EVELYN LACHAPELLE: He shared his story with me about his interaction with law enforcement, and how he really wanted to get involved and get back.

CHAD WILLIAMS: I was falsely arrested. And then, I to spend, like, over a year fighting to try to clear my name.


Watch the video and read the transcript Yahoo News: “ABC7 Unite: Apparel startup founder fights for social, racial justice”